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Your transformation partner / mentor / guide / programme-manager

Helping UK-based organisations explore how they can reshape their business to take advantage of opportunities created by the technology revolution - often through digital transformation. Assistance can be provided with most aspects of business change - from business process redesign, change management, IT Strategy, cost-optimisation and fostering an culture of innovation.  This can include providing help with shaping and delivering appropriate adoption strategies to ensure that you are getting the optimum value from your business change programme investments and existing systems.

The simple aim is to make it easier for your customers to do business with you, and to enable your staff (and supply chain) to work more efficiently and effectively in achieving this goal.   

Technology is increasingly an enabler, but not an end in itself. Instead a strong focus on PEOPLE, whether they are your customers or clients, internal staff or part of your supply chain, is a key focus for our consulting approach.    

Many organisations now understand the need to engage in a digital effective manner with their client and customers.   However, ensuring that an optimal internal digital working environment (termed a 'digital workplace') is frequently an important enabler, when combined with process simplification across the organisation, with an end-to-end scope - covering the interactions with customer, clients and your supply chain.

DATA - Another key element is ensuring that the information your business accesses and generates is used and managed in the most effective manner.  Data management is vital, particularly that relating to individuals. The new GDPR - General Data Protection Regulations have required significant preparation by many organisations.  Re-envisageIT has the expertise to help you review and improve your information compliance processes, and advise with appropriate Cyber Resilience measures.  Managing your data securely is very important, but only delivers value, if you use this data to generate up-to-date information and insight. Historically in-depth data-analytics tended to be limited to large organisations with big-budgets. This is no longer the case with a cost-effective solutions available to smaller SMEs and the non-for-profit sector.


This video provides insight to what Re-envisageIT can offer your organisation:

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